Webinar - Effective Public Education: Connecting with your Community

Webinar - Effective Public Education: Connecting with your Community

Your fire department is in an excellent position to increase community awareness and provide age-appropriate education about preventing home fires and addressing other life safety issues. At the same time, it’s essential to build rapport with the local news media to incorporate fire and life safety messaging into relevant news stories. This webinar, presented by fire prevention education expert Michael McLeieer, will discuss strategic ways to develop a positive relationship with citizens, other stakeholders, and local media outlets to connect with the community, as well as existing resources and lesson plans available to enhance your fire prevention initiatives.

Michael McLeieer



Lt. Michael McLeieer has been in the fire service for over 25 years, is certified Firefighter II, Fire Officer III, Fire Instructor III, public fire and life safety educator, youth firesetter intervention specialist, and has served on fire departments in both Michigan and Massachusetts. He has served as the training and scheduling training coordinator for the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy and was in charge of the statewide youth fire intervention program.  He is a National Fire Academy contract instructor and also serves as a past president of the Massachusetts Institute of Fire Department Instructors, the Michigan State Firemen’s Association, founder of the nonprofit organization E.S.C.A.P.E. Inc (Education Showing Children and Adults Procedures for Evacuations), and launched the statewide public education and alarm installation campaign Keeping Michigan S.A.F.E.™ (Smoke Alarms for Everyone).


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