Webinar - Planning and Implementing a Training Program

Running a training program in the fire service can be difficult, even under the best circumstances. Join Jason Decremer, PhD, director of certification for the Connecticut Commission on Fire Prevention and Control, and Kenn Fontenot, NVFC Louisiana director, for this webinar that highlights important aspects of planning and implementing training programs. The session includes an open conversation with the audience discussing how departments are managing training during the pandemic and best practices for training programs for departments of all budget sizes. This webinar was sponsored by California Casualty. Learn more about insurance options for firefighters and EMS providers at www.calcas.com/nvfc.

Kenn Fontenot

Kenn Fontenot is a charter member and first fire chief of the LeBlanc Volunteer Fire Department. Kenn is a principal member on the NFPA 1001 standards committee and alternate member of NFPA 1021, served for 12 years as the regional fire training coordinator at the Louisiana State University Fire and Emergency Training Institute, and is a past-president of the Louisiana State Firemen’s Association. He holds an associate degree in fire science.

Jason Decremer, PhD

Jason Decremer, PhD, is the director of Certification for the Connecticut Commission on Fire Prevention and Control. He is responsible for over 40 levels of national certification testing for approximately 30,000 firefighters statewide. Decremer has been a member of the volunteer fire service for 20 years. He also is an adjunct professor at the University of New Haven and Goodwin University, teaching courses in Homeland Security and Fire Administration. He has taught Recruitment & Retention courses across the nation, most recently as an instructor with the IAFC. He received his PhD in public policy and administration from Walden University and a master’s degree in curriculum design and education from the University of Phoenix. He lives in Southbury, CT with his wife Carina and three children.


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0.00 credits  |  Certificate available
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