Safety & Equipment

  • Emergency Vehicle Safe Operations

    Contains 4 Component(s)

    Year after year the statistics continue to identify a significant percentage of line-of-duty deaths and injuries occur when responding to, or returning from, incidents. These incidents often involve emergent responses, rollovers, intersection locations and firefighters being ejected when not wearing proper restraints. This course will review the 11 best practices based on the guide Emergency Vehicle Safe Operations for Volunteer and Small Combination Emergency Service Organizations to reduce the number of emergency vehicle collision.

  • Incident Safety Officer Training Series

    Contains 7 Component(s)

    The NVFC’s Incident Safety Officer (ISO) training will give students an overview of the role of an ISO and cover communications and safety, as well as the practical application of this information. Please note, this is not an ISO certification program.

  • Fireground Accountability

    Contains 4 Component(s)

    Identify best practices and help volunteer departments implement effective accountability solutions with limited resources to ensure that first responders can do their jobs in the safest environment possible and continue to influence risk-reduction behavior changes.