• Incident Safety Officer Training Series

    Contains 7 Component(s)

    The NVFC’s Incident Safety Officer (ISO) training will give students an overview of the role of an ISO and cover communications and safety, as well as the practical application of this information. Please note, this is not an ISO certification program.

  • Fire Chief Authority Under NFPA Standards

    Contains 4 Component(s)

    Many small-town fire chiefs of volunteer and combination fire departments often find it challenging to implement NFPA standards in their department. What you may not realize is that fire chiefs have the power to decide which NFPA standards to use and how to use them (except when local, state or federal law requires otherwise). Topics discussed include the fire chief's power as the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), how to modify an NFPA standard, how to adopt an NFPA standard, and best practices.

  • Fire Service Ethics

    Contains 4 Component(s)

    The fire service is a respected institution that has earned a positive reputation and the public's trust. Maintaining that status requires an understanding of ethics and a willingness to adopt ethical standards. This course examines ethical practices and poses thought-provoking questions to help define the role of ethics within a department.

  • Becoming a Company Officer

    Contains 4 Component(s)

    This course provides key considerations and information for new company officers. Topics covered include: leadership, communication, ethics, training evolutions, preparing to be first due, incident scene management, health and wellness, and management/administrative duties.