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  • Webinar - Reducing Occupational Cancer Risks in the Fire Service

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    Understanding how and where firefighters are exposed to carcinogens is an important step towards mitigating occupational cancer risks. Join Dennis Wolf, fire management consultant with the University of Tennessee’s Municipal Technical Advisory Service, to learn more about exposures to carcinogens, the dangers of soot, contamination control activities, and risk reduction strategies for the fire station, firefighters, and the apparatus. This webinar is sponsored by Ward Diesel Filter Systems. Learn more about their range of NO SMOKE Filter Systems at

  • Webinar - Laws That Matter to Fire and EMS Organizations

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    The threat of a lawsuit places fire and EMS organizations in harm’s way when something goes wrong in emergency operations, policy adherence, or other organizational practices, but there are effective ways to mitigate potential litigation. Join John K. Murphy, retired deputy fire chief and licensed attorney, for this free webinar to help your department explore the relationship of the law and the fire service, and what you can do to reduce your risks of litigation when it comes to areas of personnel management, emergency response, customer service, interpersonal relationships, and potential COVID-19 related concerns.

  • Webinar - Planning and Implementing a Training Program

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    Running a training program in the fire service can be difficult, even under the best circumstances. Join Jason Decremer, PhD, director of certification for the Connecticut Commission on Fire Prevention and Control, and Kenn Fontenot, NVFC Louisiana director, for this webinar that highlights important aspects of planning and implementing training programs. The session includes an open conversation with the audience discussing how departments are managing training during the pandemic and best practices for training programs for departments of all budget sizes. This webinar was sponsored by California Casualty. Learn more about insurance options for firefighters and EMS providers at

  • Webinar - Tips for the New Training Officer: Bridging the Gap Between NFPA 1041 and the Real World

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    You have just become the new training officer for your department, but have you been given enough instruction on how to actually lead the program? There is often a gap between what you learned in your fire instructor courses and NFPA 1041 and the reality of leading a volunteer fire department training program. Join Christopher LeDoux of the Iota (LA) Volunteer Fire Department for this webinar to help you bridge this gap and learn tips and tools for the real world as a new training officer.

  • Webinar - Harassment in the Fire Hall

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    Harassment in the fire service harms individuals as well as the entire emergency service organization. The need for fire department leadership to take action against discrimination and harassment is growing. Join Don Cox, education specialist with VFIS, for this free webinar to learn how to identify behaviors that “cross the line,” the importance of creating and enforcing up-to-date policies on discrimination and harassment, and how to increase awareness in fire departments through training to establish a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

  • Webinar - Recruiting Exceptional Crew Members in Competitive Times

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    Using data driven tactics to draw in and keep qualified candidates is essential to the future of the fire service. Join ESO for this free webinar to discuss current recruitment trends and how to change recruitment tactics using risk reduction impacts in the community and a data-driven development program. This session will provide tools and information that can be used in fire departments across the nation to recruit and retain qualified candidates.

  • Webinar - Hostile Events: Preparing Your Emergency Services Organization for an ASHER Incident

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    As active shooter incidents become more prevalent, fire and EMS departments need to be ready so they can respond in the safest and most effective way. Join the National Volunteer Fire Council and International Association of Fire Chiefs for this free webinar on best practices to plan and prepare for an active shooter/hostile event response (ASHER) incident. Attendees will learn key principles from NFPA 3000 and the IAFC’s Active Shooter Toolkit, the steps to conduct a risk assessment, and resources and guidance available to develop a plan of action in your community.

  • Webinar - Diversity and Inclusion in Fire and EMS Services - 20/20

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    20/20 vision is defined as normal visual acuity, seeing clearly what you should normally be able to see at 20 feet. How clear is your vision of current events? We are living through a time where diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of the national spotlight. Join David Denniston of McNeil and Company to learn why our fire and EMS organizations should not be exempt from these timely conversations. Attendees will learn why department response areas are often just a small subset of the diversity that we see nationwide and how the most successful departments learn to harness the diversity that their own members bring to the department. The goal of this presentation is to help bring diversity and inclusion into better focus for the fire and emergency services, so that we can benefit from it instead of being challenged by it.

  • Webinar - Professional Development for the Volunteer Fire Officer

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    Officers have an important role and immense responsibility in taking care of their organization. New volunteer fire officers face unique challenges on both the operations and administrative sides of the organization as they try to navigate their new position. Join Tom Merrill for this free webinar to understand how aspiring, newly promoted, and veteran officers alike can help bring members home safely, earn credibility and respect, and competently handle the numerous tasks and details needed to keep the department operationally ready and organizationally compliant. The presentation will also discuss leadership traits that all fire department members can use to create and maintain more unified and harmonious operations.

  • Webinar - Becoming an Ally to Foster Diversity & Inclusion in the Fire Service

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    ​An ally should not be looked at as a noun, but rather a verb. The path to becoming an ally is a lifelong process of fostering relationships that are built on trust, consistency, advocacy, and accountability. Inclusive leadership is an integrated set of skills that is required to channel the power and potential of a diverse workforce for the benefit of the organization and the communities we serve. It is key for fire service leaders to understand their role in fostering diversity and inclusion. This workshop will provide you with deeper insights to yourself and the benefits of inclusion at all levels of your department. ​